Glen and Orla's Cricket Camp

Glen and Orla's Cricket Camp

Glen and Orla Montgomery – STK Cricket Camp

During the February long weekend Orla and I went on one of the cricket camps STK Cricket had to offer. We both really enjoyed it and thought that it was well organised. They kept to a strict rota having small breaks along the way. There were 20 kids and they were split into 3 groups depending on their skill and ability.

The coaches were really nice and always helped - they gave us tips on how to improve. Steven Knox, the owner/head coach videoed us and took us out one by one to go over the footage. He told us what we were doing wrong and how to resolve these problems. After the lunch break we had a team quiz about the history of the World Cup. We were split into two teams – England and Scotland. I was captain of team Scotland!

Although Orla and I were only there for 2 of the 5 days we took a lot away and we are currently working on improving in the areas that Steven told us to. The camp was really fun and I have now decided to go on the Spain camp with them in the Easter holidays!

Glen Montgomery (14)